my-familyThere’s not a day goes by when I don’t give thanks for the blessing of my adorable two kids – Jay and Liam. They really are the prime driving force in my life. Like every Mum, I want the best for my kids. Like every Mum, I want my kids to have every opportunity to lead a really fulfilling, happy, healthy and safe life. And like every Mum, I can’t think of many things that I wouldn’t do to help them achieve all of that. I love my kids absolutely unconditionally – and I’m so very proud of the way they are growing up to become such wonderful young adults.

It’s a privilege to be your Mum!

I’m also so very grateful to my Mum and Dad, Kamla and Jerry, for giving me an abundance of the one special thing that we had lots of in our house as I was growing up – love!  I had a relatively “humble” start in life, but the lessons I learned from two very level-headed parents have stayed with me all of my life.

You taught me the importance of being true to your beliefs. You drummed into me for as long as I can remember that we are all capable of achieving great things – providing we master our negative, self-limiting beliefs. And you taught me to be proud of my heritage. I guess that’s one of the triggers that made me want to come back regularly to Fiji to help with various health education initiatives, run PAP smear clinics and give back to the country that gave me so much