Brand You – my mini check list.

Creating a brand for yourself in business today is I believe critical to being plausible.
How can you make yourself memorable?
How do you become the expert “go to” person?
How do you become a respected commentator in your field of expertise?

Here’s my mini check list to help you. I hope this helps you start your journey to building your brand.

If you were a product or a brand how would people feel about you? What words (adjectives) would they use to describe you to someone else?
When people meet you for the first time, what do they think, how do they feel? 
Once you have left the room, or the conversation has ended, what do they say about you and what impression have you left on them?
Is there something about you that you can use to build your personal brand?
Do you have an unusual name/nickname?
Is there something especially appealing or memorable about how you look that you can leverage?
Do you dress using a favourite memorable or distinct colour?
Do you need a website?If so, what content will you publish and how will you drive traffic to it?



Do you need a blog? If so, what will you write? Why will people read it? How will people find it? 
What is your voice on social media and is it all connected to the web/blog/articles you write? 



Good Luck with building “Brand You” J

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