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Sadhana & Paul Mcgee – Well known speaker – Author of SUMO

Sadhana Smiles is an engaging, entertaining speaker who takes you on a journey and tells you as it – what you see is what you get.

As one of only three female CEO’s in her sector Sadhana has created a brand that has placed her amongst her peers as a thought leader and industry commentator.

Her renowned wit, her inspiring personality, her acute ability to capitalise on a commercial opportunity, with a track record of producing significant growth in businesses she has lead regardless of the market and her innate sense of being able to quickly identify issues affecting business performance, have earned Sadhana the respect and admiration of some of the most respected and admired leaders of the Real estate world in Australia today – and indeed many of those who work with her on a day to day basis.

In 2013 Sadhana was named the Victorian Telstra Business Women and the Victorian Telstra Private Corporate Sector winner.

Sadhana is also a popular speaker and presenter, and is regularly asked to speak at some of the industry’s most prestigious events, including ARPM, AREC, AREL, RELC, the REINSW Women’s Conference and many franchise conferences. Sadhana is also a regular contributor to a number of National real estate journals and publications

The nice thing about having achieved some degree of success in life is that there’s often an opportunity to share the story of that success with others. I really enjoy doing this because I have a deep rooted belief that a story of success shared can inspire, inform, and immerse other ordinary people to achieve, like I did, extraordinary things. I welcome invitations to share my story and my business experiences.







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