You might be interested to see a number of recent comments from audiences that have seen Sadhana “in action”


I am awestruck by Sadhana. What a lady! She’s so real and down to earth. Completely honest and true to herself. She’s fearless in sharing her life story, her successes and her failures. It’s so easy to comfortable around her. Her boundless energy and ability to captivate and connect with her varied audience is impressive. Sadhana Smiles is nothing short of inspiring. If we only had more Sadhana’s in the world, it would be a much better place.


Thank you once again Sadhana. You have inspired me to keep taking those challenges and step up and keep pushing.


OMG Sadhana was truly amazing. Thank you so much for arranging for her to speak at our event. Definitely given me food for thought.


“Fascinating Woman”

“Great session”

“Vibrant, engaging and insightful”

“Brilliant, inspiring, another wonderful woman, great positive energy”

“Fantastic + inspirational”

“Sadhana was great! Really interesting stories & a wonderful presenter”

“Loved her style + honesty”

“Wonderful insight from a tough business woman”

“Impressive + inspirational presentation. Excellent Personal Brand”

“Really interesting”

“Very interesting & entertaining. Great message in terms of authenticity & using your experience to shape your future”

“Excellent presenter”

“I loved her style”

“Loved hearing Sadhana’s story – really interesting and inspiring”

“Brilliant – more please”

“Great style, so refreshing + so authentic”

“Lots of energy, very clear about the personal brand + self belief”