“People Power” – Did you have them @ Hello” – was my first literary attempt. The response I’ve had to the book has been really surprising. So many friends and colleagues have bought a copy (or downloaded for their Kindle) and told me how much they enjoyed the read.

Writing had a really cathartic effect on me. The process of having a thought, typing into my laptop and then seeing it in front of me was strange at times.

The materialisation of thoughts, translated to words, was really rewarding. It helped me put so many random thoughts and ideas and views and beliefs into some kind of order. Unravelling a lifetime of what I’ve learned in sales, in a format that hopefully will help many others maximise their selling skills, has given me an internal peace and tranquillity. It’s almost as if there was a burning need inside to share what I’d learned and the experiences I’d had.

I don’t know when I’ll start on the follow-up, but I do have a working title in mind already!